THEIA Bridal Show Fall 2015 Collection

We finished this video today:

The THEIA Fall 2015 collection is inspired by Mongolia’s frozen Tundra, the eternally snowcapped Altai mountains, with ice blue rivers flowing through its glaciers. The vast Bayangovi plains roamed by native nomads herding their flocks of sheep and prized cashmere goats, inspiring a collection of white chiffon snow drifts, tulle white outs, ice blue fil coupe jacquards, crystals glistening like ice in the sun, heavy Venice winter lace, hand woven ribbon tweeds, luxurious cozy cashmeres, and curly lamb wraps to keep out the bitter cold.
This season we collaborated with Naadam, the only socially responsible cashmere company, who work exclusively in Mongolia to source the world’s finest cashmere. Melding two cultures, we took the iconic stitches of an Irish Fisherman’s sweater to create a unique bridal gown, knit by nomads in Mongolia.

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