Be very careful when you think about developing a great app idea!

batteryscore will not come back.

The part of the story I really don’t like at all is the way Apple handled this.

After one year on the App Store with an increasing number of downloads and users – more than 40.000 – Apple just decided to reject a small app update.

We did not change much. We had some user complaints and we tried to improve the user interface and some app messages.
Nevertheless Apple rejected the app every time. I even had a phone call with them and they gave me “hints” what to do with the app.
In fact we tried to follow those hints but nevertheless they rejected the app again and again.

We didn’t change its main functionality but they just rejected it every time according to another paragraph of the developer guidelines which we supposedly did not follow.

At the end I’ve spent more than $20,000 (twenty thousand dollars) to develop this app and earned only a small percentage back – but I thought the large user base would help me to earn some money sooner or later.
Of course this will not happen when Apple is just pulling it out for no good reason. The very same app got accepted 12 months ago.

Don’t forget the fact if you are not able to develop an app on your own, which means that you are not a programmer, then you have to ask and for sure pay for every update.
Updates are not only needed when you want to add features. Updates are necessary for bugs or and also – that’s the worst part – every time when Apple is changing something in their OS.
For iOS updates you have to update your app, paying your developer but will not get any new features.
At the end you are paying and paying but you need to sell many apps to earn enough so that this could be profitable.
We had a very nice developer who did many things without charging us too much but that’s not normal.

My advice: Do not follow your app dream if you are not able to program it on your own. It will cost you money and a lot of time. Finally you will earn nothing.

And BatteryScore: Why Apple does not like apps which are for testing their batteries is another story – but the answer is most probably pretty obvious…

batteryscore is a well-designed Battery Benchmark App for iPhone. Really easy to use and reliable.

Just test your iPhone battery and compare it to others. Really quick and easy!

BatteryScore – the very first and only iPhone battery test

4 Responses to “Be very careful when you think about developing a great app idea!”

  1. Bubba Hotep

    it seems your app was too good for apple. you exposed that their batteries are shit. therefore you got kicked out.

    i stopped buying apple hardware some years ago. this company sucks.

  2. DG

    How about making it available for purchase as a download to your laptop/computer so you can just plug your iphone in to check it. Would gladly pay for that convenience.

  3. Shawn Y.

    I love this app and can test devices that I think are getting old. I just installed it on my iPhone 4s tosee how it compares to the 4s I got from my brother. Luckily I was able to get the app off my iPad (that I thought was stolen and found about a year later) extracted to my desktop and installed it on my phone. Now I copied the IPA to a couple flash drives so I will have it since I could not find this app anywhere and it was only on one of my devices. the one I have is Battery Score 1.37 so I don’t know where this stood inn the versions but it works good on my stuff. In fact my iPhone just finished with a score of 1620. Now to install on my other one. But I would like to sat thanks. Thanks,… This program was the one I liked best.

  4. Joan

    I’m sorry to hear how it turned out. Considering the recent controversies I think Bubba is right, your app exposed information Apple would like to hide, so they removed it. They’ve been forcing planned obsolescence through the battery since the earliest iPods, and in my opinion it’s a major pillar of their business strategy. Good luck on your next business adventures, hopefully you won’t step on the toes of other unethical corporations.



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