Why working with us!

As German Filmmakers in New York we will prove that German work is always valuable!

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Maybe others are unreliable,
we are definitely the opposite!

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We are from Germany!
We’ve never heard such a strange word… *grin*

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If you don’t like us, we will work even harder,
until you really like us!

Videos made with passion are always better!


We are among the best and we are affordable!

While that may not be normal,

we really love what we do.

That’s the difference!

• We specialize in all types of video production.

• We’ve filmed countless sports videos in addition to many private, commercial, art,

documentary, music videos and short films.

• Our color-grading tools give us the edge in creating visually-excited animations and videos.

• We are based in New York City, but are available worldwide.

.$text. On vimeo.com we have more than 2,000 likes and have received more than 2,500,000 views world-web-wide!