Filming your conference in New York City

If you need your conference / discussion / meeting to be captured in New York City, please ask us first.

We have a brand new wireless microphone system (with Lavalier / Lapel mics) available and are able to film your meeting at reasonable prices:

1-2 hour conference: $500

2-4 hour conference: $1000

Please ask for longer time frames.

We provide one camera and the camera operator, also wireless microphones (up to 8 included).

The footage will be captured in one sequence. Adding participant names and credits are included.

You will get one DVD / Blue Ray or we can upload your video to vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion.

If you need further services, please let us know!

We already filmed many conferences: e.g. for Smashing Conference and the Fitch Foundation.

For Filming a conference you need an expert. If you want great videos that will be watched afterwards you should just hire us.

Two conferences captured by vidFame:

Videos Smashing Conference

Videos Fitch Foundation