Isaac Peña for YOGA DOWNLOAD

Recently we have finished another interesting project in New York City for

We filmed Isaac Peña and his wife Anne Paolini performing two different Yoga classes for 20 minutes and another for 60 minutes.

A really interesting experience to watch what bodies are capable of.
I thought I should start Yoga afterwards but I’m not sure if it could help me with my favorite sport: Tennis.

The space in the exercise room was very limited and we also setup the lights. The place was not really perfect because the camera was a bit too close for some scenes.
Finally I captured in 1080p and edited in 720p. I zoomed in a bit in FCPX by changing the video size up to 120%. Then I zoomed out for some scenes to 100%.
It was not the best solution but the only one because there was a pole and a door disturbing the video frame.

Nevertheless the customer was pleased with the result.

Next time I will choose the location for the shoot…

Video: Handstand Drills – Isaac Peña