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THEIA Bridal Show Fall 2015 Collection

THEIA Bridal Show Fall 2015 Collection

We finished this video today:

The THEIA Fall 2015 collection is inspired by Mongolia’s frozen Tundra, the eternally snowcapped Altai mountains, with ice blue rivers flowing through its glaciers. The vast Bayangovi plains roamed by native nomads herding their flocks of sheep and prized cashmere goats, inspiring a collection of white chiffon snow drifts, tulle white outs, ice blue fil coupe jacquards, crystals glistening like ice in the sun, heavy Venice winter lace, hand woven ribbon tweeds, luxurious cozy cashmeres, and curly lamb wraps to keep out the bitter cold.
This season we collaborated with Naadam, the only socially responsible cashmere company, who work exclusively in Mongolia to source the world’s finest cashmere. Melding two cultures, we took the iconic stitches of an Irish Fisherman’s sweater to create a unique bridal gown, knit by nomads in Mongolia.

Video captured and edited by

Natural Art – New York City

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Please watch this video in fullscreen ONLY with volume turned on to really loud!

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I’ve captured this outstanding thunderstorm yesterday evening in New York City – May 2014.

While editing I’ve had goosebumps several times. All those lightnings are looking like someone had a master plan.

Look close and you will see some very beautiful and most exceptional patterns.

At least one lightning hit our building right in front of my camera. That was kind of scary too… 😉

Is there any kind of art that is more beautiful than natural art?

Please share this video everywhere, just in case you like it! 😉

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Music: Vladimir Sterzer – Another Style 4/4 135 –
Wolfgang Gabler
Sony NEX-FS700


HOMELESS in WASHINGTON offers an intimate, shattering portrait of four homeless people right outside the White House, interviewed by filmmaker Marianne Hettinger during a day trip to Washington DC . A film by Marianne Hettinger and Wolfgang Gabler.


Filmmakers Marianne Hettinger and Wolfgang Gabler take on a subject of an urgent matter: the homeless in our nation’s capitol, the richest country of the World. Illustrated by a few encounters with four homeless people met on a wintry afternoon in Washington DC. Based on an idea by Wolfgang Gabler.

Genre: Documentary – short subject

Production company: vidFame LLC

Directed by: Marianne Hettinger

Screenplay by: Marianne Hettinger

Produced by: Wolfgang Gabler, Marianne Hettinger


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HALLO NEW YORK – Wolfgang Gäbler (GERMAN)

Marianne Hettinger interviews Wolfgang Gaebler, founder and CEO of Germany’s biggest Computer and Video game company: CDV software. In 2012 he moved to New York and also works as a photographer/ videographer and filmmaker.

GERMAN / Deutsch:

Moderatorin Marianne Hettinger unterhält sich mit Wolfgang Gäbler.

Er war Gründer und CEO von Deutschlands groesster Computer- und Videospiele-Firma: CDV Software. 2012 siedelte er mit seiner Familie nach New York um, wo er jetzt auch als Fotograf und Filmemacher tätig ist.

HALLO NEW YORK – Natascha Ahlborn (GERMAN)

We just finished an episode of our TV series: HALLO NEW YORK

Marianne Hettinger interviews Natascha Ahlborn. Her passion for dance has been lasting a life time. Her career as a showgirl took her around the globe including Paris, Las Vegas and a 16- year long stint with the famed Palm Spring Follies.

GERMAN / Deutsch:

Marianne Hettinger im Gespraech mit Natascha Ahlborn.

Sie hat ihr ganzes Leben lang getanzt: vom Lido in Paris, als Revuegirl in Las Vegas und 16 Jahre lang mit den Palm Springs Follies. Mit 77 steht sie immer noch auf der Bühne.

New York City - Best Scenes_1

Bubbles in New York City – filmed with a Sony NEX FS700

Look at those kids and the pure joy on their smiling faces.
It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way!

The message in this video:
Never forget how you felt as a child!
This will help you through your darkest hours… 😉

Please sit back and relax while watching this video… 😉

Shot in the afternoon in Central Park, New York City with a Sony NEX FS700 (240 fps) equiped with a Sony 18-200mm Zoom lens.

Color correction with: DV Shade ( and FCPX

Music from Jamendo:
Brady harris – Bring Flower Power Back